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The European Floods Portal brings together information on river floods and flood risk in Europe, resulting from ongoing research within the “Floods” Action at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, as well as from public available information from EU countries.

Ongoing floods


Ongoing floods Based on a close collaboration with European Hydrological Services and the Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) in Koblenz, Germany, an overview of the current floods in Europe is made through the European Terrestrial Network for River Discharge (ETN-R)
The map is based on near-realtime river measurements, automatically transfered by the National Hydrological Centres, via the GRDC, to the JRC.
The map shows the locations, where river levels exceed critical thresholds.

EFAS flood forecasts


The European Floods Awareness System (EFAS) is an early flood warning system complimentary to national and regional systems. It provides the national institutes and the European Commission with information on possible river flooding to occur within the next 3 or more days.
Since flood warning is a Member State responsibility, only archived flood warnings can be made publically available.
The realtime warnings are made available to the national partner institutes only.

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